Why Children’s Books Matter

Why Childrens Books Matter

Let’s face it friends: lately the news has been full of hatred, violence, war, and general negativity. The ongoing crisis in Syria, in the Gaza Strip, in Ukraine; the increasing ferocity and unpredictability of the weather as the climate bucks our consumerist ways; the ridiculous and shocking events that continue to unfold in Ferguson after… [Read More]

The Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Project-Based Learning Course

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Project Based Learning Course

Calling all Doctor Who fans! Remember last fall when Eva built her TARDIS (the spaceship from Doctor Who), and we used that project to study math and engineering, circuitry and problem solving, consumer ethics and fine motor skills? Well, this fall, I’m building on the success and fun of that project to offer a semester-length… [Read More]

Crab Gills and Barnacle Sex – The Best Thing Nobody Tells You About Homeschooling (Repost)

Crab Gills and Barnacle Sex The Best Thing Nobody Tells You About Homeschooling

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of getting to know Lisa Marchiano. She and I were attending a conference together, and had the opportunity to share multiple meals, between-presentation walks, and bench-in-the-shade conversations. Lisa helped found a creative homeschool co-op in Philadelphia called Talking Stick Learning Center. I checked out her site to learn… [Read More]

Do You Do School in the Summer? And Does it Count?

Do you do school in the summer and does it count

One of the top 10 frequently asked homeschooling questions is if we “do school” over the summer. I’m quick to answer “no,” because we don’t do the more formal education day during the summer months. We use these to finally come outdoors, get some sun, and let our brains and bodies find creative, nourishing outlets… [Read More]

Harry Potter Made Real: Bringing Books to Life

Harry Potter Made Real Bringing Books to Life

Last weekend my oldest, Elias, turned 8. The only thing he asked for was a Harry Potter-themed birthday party. Inspired by his sparkly enthusiasm, I readily accepted the challenge. I rolled up my sleeves and began planning. And then I panicked. Having never read the series myself (I know, I know…it’s shameful!) I’d had no… [Read More]