Unpacking Project-Based Learning: Publishing

Project Based Learning Publishing

As many of you know, my daughter Eva is a seasoned author, writing and self-publishing one book each year for the past six. This week, she released her new holiday-themed picture book featuring her beloved character Kinzy, “the charming koala with the huge ego.” Entitled The Christmas CAT-astrophe, the story follows Kinzy and his platypus… [Read More]

Doctor Who Project-Based English Study

Doctor Who Project Based English Unit

I’ve had the fantastic honor these past few weeks of teaching an online class with Gifted Homeschoolers Forum called the Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey, Project-Based Learning Course. I have eight kids in this Doctor Who-themed class, from ages 9-13 who live on the east and west coasts, and several places in between. We’re having a blast. I… [Read More]

Halloween Book Giveaway

Halloween Book Giveaway

I seriously love Halloween as you know, and I’ve never done a giveaway before. But I have a copy of this handy dandy book by DK Publishing called Witches and Magic-Makers, and I thought it would look better on your bookshelf than on mine. So I’d like to give it away! If you’re willing to… [Read More]

Are You Obsessed with Halloween?

Are You Obsessed with Halloween

October is here! And that brings cooler weather, crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and a month-long celebration of all things creepy. We love holidays in our home, and Halloween is among our favorites. There’s nothing like exploring your fears and becoming something other than yourself for a whole night to inspire empowerment and creativity. That’s why I… [Read More]