Radical Acceleration: Was it Worth it?

Radical Acceleration Was it Worth it

Last weekend, my son Ian graduated from high school. He turned 15 five days later. As you might imagine, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from parents wanting to know the “end result.” Was it a good choice to radically accelerate? How did it work exactly? Do we have any regrets? Was it hard… [Read More]

4 Ideas to Engage Kids Beyond Earth Day

4 ideas to engage kids beyond earth day

Happy Earth Day everyone – the happy day each year that we all share Facebook posts about how important the earth is, make some super cool crafts about the planet, and think about how we really ought to do something about that climate change thing. It’s so hard. It’s so overwhelming. We want to do… [Read More]

National Poetry Month: Publishing with a Young Author

National Poetry Month Publishing with a Young Author

Happy National Poetry Month! Today I’m so pleased to introduce you to Cassidy Kao, the 9-year old author of a wonderful new how-to poetry book called Roller Coaster. Hopefully in your own homes and classrooms, you’re fully embracing the magic of National Poetry Month, creating awesome works with your kids. Cassidy’s definitely caught the bug,… [Read More]

Cultivating Independence & Innovation

Cultivating Independence and Innovation

There’s lately been an abundance of exciting times in our home! I suspect that those of you with your own young, evolving artists, scientists, and determined toddlers will relate. This week we put our family’s last toddler car seat into the garage and pulled out a big boy seat to replace it. The very same… [Read More]

Why Creative Writing is the Better Way to Study English

Why Creative Writing is the better way to study English

Scenario #1: The Worksheet Approach Meet Sarah, a hypothetical sixth-grade student who is currently sitting in English class (whether at home or in school doesn’t really matter). She is handed a worksheet with the following: 20 fill-in-the-blank questions about grammar and types of writing 3 paragraphs of text that she must read and then summarize 1… [Read More]